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New England Security Film LLC specializes in the sale and installation of premium Madico Security & Safety Window Films and a variety of Frame Anchoring products.  We are a Madico® SafetyShield® Premier Partner and are accredited by the International Window Film Association as Specialists in Security & Safety  Window Films.

New England Security Film:

  • Madico® SafetyShield® Premier Partner
  • Accredited by the International Window Film Association as Specialists in Safety & Security Window Films
  • Specially Trained by Madico on Safety & Security film installation
  • Specially Equipped for Safety & Security Window Film installation
  • Experienced with Public Schools, Museums and Commercial Buildings – References available.
  • Fully Insured
  • OSHA Certified
  • Member, International Window Film Association
  • Member, New York State School Facilities Association
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security film
security film
security film
security film

Glass Safety

Glass shards are inherently dangerous as broken glass can cause severe injuries.  Security Window Film reduces the dangers by holding glass fragments and shards in place in the event of glass breakage.  Security Film can improve the impact resistance of annealed glass to help meet building codes in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


Safety & Security Window Films are extremely effective against forced entry.  By holding broken glass fragments in place, Security Window Film provides a significant deterrent to any would-be intruder.  Glass can be hardened to meet Universal Underwriters standards for Burglary Resistant Glazing Materials (UL-972).

Bomb Blast Protection

When used together with Frame Anchoring products, Security Window Films harden glass against bomb blasts to effectively reduce the dangers of flying glass fragments to building occupants.  Glass can be hardened to various General Services Administration criteria for the protection of government personnel.

Solar Control

Security Window Films are available in various shades of tint and other solar control properties which can improve a building’s heating and cooling efficiency while also providing enhanced building security.  These films also provide protection against solar fading while improving the outward appearance of the building.

Visibility Security

Some Security Films can reduce or prevent anyone from seeing into the building.  New England Security Film offers a variety of films that provide visibility security, including tinted, reflective and frosted films.  Some of these films also provide physical security while limiting visibility and controlling solar heat gain and loss.

Protection for Schools and Government



for School Entryways, doors and sidelites


Glass breaks easily

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Anti-Intrusion Protection

for Curtain Walls & Lobby Glass



against dangerous glass shards and spall


All exterior

entryways and ground-floor windows can be hardened


How safe

is your glass?


Harden Glass

Against Forced Entry

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