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Glass Risk Assessment – Impact / Safety / Security

By July 8, 2016Uncategorized

NYSED’s Office of Facilities & Planning “strongly recommends” that “all existing wire glass locations be evaluated for potential impact and injury.”  [see: Wire Mesh Glass Post]  Why not evaluate ALL glass for potential impact and injury?  Why not also assess the potential for security breach in the event of glass breakage?  This is what we have been doing for some of our clients and they are finding it extremely useful.  Once a glass risk assessment is completed, the school facilities professional can logically plan for glass safety and security improvements.  In most cases, the safety and security risks are greatly diminished once Madico security window film is installed.

The risk assessment for glass considers the following characteristics of the glass:

  • The location of the glass (door lite, sidelite, window, transom, showcase, etc.)
  • The type of glass identified (annealed, tempered, laminated, textured, plastic)
  •  The glass configuration (monolithic or double-glazed)
  • Glass manufacturer information (glass tag or etching, if any)
  • How it will act if it is broken (shards, spall, wire, granular)

From here, risk assessments are made as follow: 

Impact – How likely the glass is to be impacted.  Doors are considered at “High” risk for impact while sidelites are “Moderate” and transoms are “Low”.



Safety – If the glass breaks, how likely is the risk of serious injury from broken glass.  Annealed glass has a “High” risk because it can form large dangerous shards, while tempered glass has a “Low” risk because of the way it granulates when it breaks.



Security – If the glass is broken, are the school’s Lock-Down/Lock-Out and Shelter-In-Place procedures compromised.  Yes = “High” risk.  No = “Low” risk.  Some glass has no real bearing on security (showcases, hallway doors, etc.).


Description: Description: https://www.safety.rochester.edu/ep/graphics/1226_Web_Icons_flat4.png


Finally, a spreadsheet is created to show the glass risk assessment in its entirety and to use as a planning document for prioritizing glass safety and security improvements throughout the school district.  Here is an example:



And here is an example of the updated spreadsheet after the installation of Madico Safety & Security Window Film:



Please contact New England Security Film for more information or if you would like to schedule an appointment for a glass risk assessment at your school or business location.