New England Security Film is an authorized Dealer for Madico Security Films.
Madico Security Film products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A..  With over 110 years’ experience in the development of window film products, Madico is a premier manufacturer of window film products.  Madico offers a full line of highly engineered, multilayer films for Energy, Safety, Security, Anti-Graffiti and Architectural applications.

Security Window Film is an excellent way to significantly increase building security to meet various security threats – from basic glass safety to anti-intrusion and/or bomb-blast protection.  Security Window Film is manufactured in various thicknesses from 4-mil (0.004”) to 15-mil (0.015”) to provide optimal protection against specific threats.  New England Security Film can help you identify your security needs and specify the proper products to achieve your security goals.
Depending on your security needs, there are several options to consider before selecting a specific type of Security Film, or combination of Security Film and Frame Anchoring products.  Consideration should be given to the desired security protection level, the thickness and strength characteristics of the Security Film and whether solar control is also necessary.
Here are a few of the typical considerations when specifying a security enhancement using Security Window Film:


Glass can be hardened to provide a substantial deterrent to attempted forced entry.  Madico SafetyShield® 8-mil (0.008”) Security Window Film installed in “Daylight” fashion (only to the edge of the visible pane) is typically adequate for anti-intrusion protection.  However, thicker and stronger films are available.  Security Films can also be installed to the edge of the existing glass or in conjunction with frame anchoring products which attach the film to the frame.  Our Madico® SafetyShield® 1500 security film with frame anchoring can meet the UL 972 standard for Burglary Resisting Glazing Materials, but many other film configurations may be tailored to your specific needs. 

Glass Safety

Security Window Film can improve the safety of tempered and annealed glass by significantly improving impact resistance to the existing glass and holding it together once broken.  Safety & Security Window Films help prevent dangerous glass spall and glass shards from harming building occupants by holding broken glass together in its frame.  Typically a 4-mil (0.004”) Security Film is adequate to improve glass safety and help meet building code. 

Physical Security plus Solar Control

Security Window Films are available which combine the strength and physical properties of security film with various shades of tint to provide solar control.  Our Madico® Safety & Security Series of films include 4-mil and 8-mil security films in two shades of tinting, with or without added reflectivity for an exterior mirror appearance.  Solar control can help optimize the efficiency of a building’s heating and cooling systems, reduce solar glare, reduce sun fading problems and improve the architectural appearance of the building – all while providing additional physical security. 

Frame Anchoring

Frame anchoring is used to attach the Security Window Film to the existing frame of the glass door, window, etc.  The use of frame anchoring provides additional protection against attempted forced entry by making the glass even harder to smash out of its frame.  Frame anchoring is necessary to enable Security Window Film to meet various standards regarding bomb-blast protection, as it would be critical to holding the glass in place in the event of a bomb blast. 

Bomb Blast Protection

Protection against bomb-blast situations depends on a combination of factors, including the type and strength of the glass and its frame.  Security Window Film holds shattered glass together while frame anchoring attachment systems prevent the glass pane from blowing out of its frame.  Our Madico® SafetyShield® 800 security film with frame anchoring can meet GSA Class 3b. levels of protection, providing a high degree of protection against explosive threats. 

Visibility Security

Madico® offers a variety of commercial, architectural and security window films that can provide visibility security by limiting or eliminating the ability to see through the glass.  New England Security Film can help you select the best film available to meet your needs. 


Security Incentive:

Did you know that NYSED will reimburse your school for Safety & Security Window Film?   Your school district is eligible for an aid reimbursement equal to the Resident Weighted Average Daily Attendance (RWADA) aid ratio, plus 10%.

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